Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Current Faves

Ice Hockey. Click on the photo, and look by the skate of the guy on his knees. That's right, it's blood on the ice. It was awesome. My husband's work has a plush suite on center ice, and we went to a match with his boss there. My husband had to warn me to watch what I say. Not that I have a filthy mouth, I just get a little too......enthusiastic.
All kinds of family. He's not related, but you can't tell from this picture, can you?
These long, strong arms. Oh yeah, and that chest. Whew!

This goofy grin. I can't resist it!
This movie. I know it's dumb, but that doesn't stop me from endlessly quoting it. I can do a wicked Nacho impersonation, complete with the buttock clench.This perfume. My husband picked it out for me. All I wanted for my birthday was big girl perfume, not the cheesy body sprays from Walmart. Now that I have my own fortress of solitude, I have a place where it will be safe. I loooove it. Next time you walk by the perfume counter, take a whiff. See if you can resist it.


Michelle said...

I totally understand about needing a fortress of solitude to protect your stuff. With me it's more than breakables. I once found all of my necklaces in the laundry AFTER I washed them. My daughter's doing.

Anonymous said...

Hockey, Yeah!!!

We love hockey!!

Jodi said...

Oh hockey! I like it much more when my boys are NOT playing. Otherwise I just hold my breath until the end of the game and I know they are in one piece!

The Bloxham Bunch said...

I love hockey! I need to go to the games more often. And another love-Jack Black. He makes me laugh so hard. I have to admit, I do own Nacho Libre.

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Nacho Libre was pretty darn funny. And, hockey is just about the best sport in the world--and the only one worth breaking bones over, from my own personal experience.