Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why My Family is Different than Yours

The cool thing about blogging, is that you get to peek inside someone else's life. Each of us thinks our lives are totally normal, and probably boring to other people. There are things, though, that are unique to each person or family. I've been thinking about what gives our family our own distinct flavor, or um, smell. You ready for a few?

My kids have super powers. I'm not supposed to talk about this, but my oldest can summon fireballs at will. This guy fights crime by night with his laser beam eyes. #3 can fuse his fingers together to form paddles that are useful for swimming great distances or at high speeds. Fire resistance makes cookouts a lot safer.Large feet also run in the family.
But seriously, artistic ability is highly prized, particularly drawing weaponry or fearsome beasts. If my boys are sitting very quietly and reverently in Sacrament Meeting, you can bet they're drawing some sword with a ridiculously serrated blade that has hooks and axes attached.
Another thing, my baby is near perfect. He never makes messes. Not ever. Or poops in my favorite shoes. Or draws on the new couch.Or tries to drown cats. He's always clean and tidy.
Here are some more. My oldest, when he was in 2nd grade, was disgusted with a little book they were studying. In the story, a deer was eating tomato plants in somebody's garden. "That would never happen" he insisted. "Why not?" asked the teacher. "Tomato plants are poisonous, they're part of the deadly nightshade family!" "Oh" replied the teacher.
I was so charmed when in the first grade, my #3 boy drew a garden scene complete with carrots that had wire worms. He even drew them correctly. I love gardening, I just didn't realize how much I'd passed on to my boys. I guess I don't have to worry about anyone tricking them into eating tomato leaves!
So here were a few things that make us, well, us.
Take some time today to think about what makes you- you.


Lee said...

ROFLMBO. You Missy are so real and so hilarious! I love it. And the poo still makes me gag.

The Bloxham Bunch said...

I LOVE THIS POST. I love what you did and said about all the pictures. I need to borrow your mind for a bit. Your writing is always so intriguing. I know if you wrote a book, I would read more!!!

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Poor #2! Are his only super powers to clean up after those of his brothers? (Not that this isn't a super talent!) Tell him from me that I think he's super dooper!

My Three Sons said...

So funny! Was that really real poo? One time when Vern worked at the MTC Chase did poop on Vern's shoes as he was trying to leave for work! I love all the photos and glimpses into your cute family! How fun...

Abby said...

Ah. . .it actually looks really, um, familiar. Change a few of the faces and make one a girl who's super power is the ear-drum breaking screech assault, and we're almost there!

And yes, I BET you're glad that potty training has begun. Less poo flying onto unsuspecting shoes is always a major plus.

The Nightshade story is from a book - one that you will be able to write someday with the greatest of ease!

MamaBird said...

I Love it. Set that (and any other) teacher straight! Pat yourself on the back - you're the mom!

Anonymous said...

We loved all the pictures, and the poo on the shoes, we couldn't stop laughing.

You guys rock, we love you guys!!!

Aimee said...

Oh My Heavens! (smile) you poor mom! I think you need some down time. (smile) I just love reading your BLOG! I always get to laugh and learn something new, and it helps me realize that I'm not alone in the CRAZY LIFE we call Motherhood.