Friday, February 1, 2008

Meet My Cousin Ben

This is my cousin Ben. His family lives next door, including his film-making little brother Eric. Ben lives in town, and is over to our house at least a couple of times a week. Nothing's boring when Ben is around. He cracks us up with his funny ways of telling stories. He climbs our trees and rope swings like a monkey. We (I) love it when he stays for dinner because he can eat a ton, and is always appreciative of my cooking. The kids have free reign climbing all over him. He always has time to take in every detail of my oldest son's latest 3-d animation projects. He downloads tutorials for him and gives him tips. Ben means the world to him. He's best buddies with Thomas, and when they get silly, it's a serious effort not to pee your pants from laughing so hard. We sure love him.

Here's a little video that gives you a taste of his personality. Everyone should have a Ben.


Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Very nice! I have never actually seen that side of Ben. Wish we lived closer.

Abby said...

Wow. If you left him to babysit, I bet by the time you got home let's say after about six hours, everyone would be absolutely exhausted and sleeping soundly, not in their beds but I bet they'd be sleeping! That sounds great. Do you know if he'd be willing to accept a long-term manny position? I mean, if I could afford a nanny - and didn't mind the chainmail, he'd be perfect!