Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Netflix Gem

Last Sunday, before bed I wanted to watch a movie as a family. Something uplifting and inspiring to close out the sabbath with. We've seen every church movie we have a thousand times, so I turned to trusty Netflix. I stumbled on this movie and thought it sounded perfect. It was amazing to watch, all curled up together. We had to pause it a couple of times to answer questions and discuss it. It was amazing. This is a documentary of a Christian missionary couple (it never says their denomination, and it really doesn't matter) in Mozambique. You'll be in awe. You'll be inspired. You'll feel empowered to do what she's doing on a smaller scale in your own life. This is an excellent Sunday experience.
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Jana said...

Some day I am going to take a page from your book and become the bestest movie finder in the world.

Thanks for the great tips.

You know, I really like you. I wish you lived by me. And did you know the head of the FDA Enforcement guy who raids the drug houses in the area lives right across the street from me. Yes, you would be safe here - and have so much fun with me.

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

I love finding inspirational movies. Have you tried "Fighting the Giants"? or maybe it was "Facing the Giants". Shoot. Can't remember. Mom and Dad have it, I think. It's VERY good.

Kim said...

Thanks Missy, I'll have to check it out!!