Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rashed is here!

Wednesday we went to the airport to greet Rashed Alsaied from Saudi Arabia. He's the one in the back with the nervous smile that says "Oh my gosh, that's them, the ones with the huge sign that says 'WELCOME RASHED' I wonder if they'll like me, I hope they're not weird, or crazy or something." He came up to us, and we greeted him with equally nervous smiles that said "I hope he likes us. What will he think of us, and the way we live? I hope he'll be fun, not weird or crazy or something like that". I was thinking, "I hope he likes my cooking!"
Here we were, posing together, still very much strangers, about to become family. In 10 months, we'll be back here again to say goodbye, not able to imagine our home without him.

He took a day or two to get his bearings, then the next thing I knew, Rashed and Hussein were in the back yard teaching our kids how to play 'blind man's bluff'. Hussein is Bruce and Renee's exchange student from Egypt. They were naturals, and knew just how to handle the kids.
It was hilarious to see the kids, running around with them, shrieking with glee, really getting comfortable with the new guys.
Having little siblings of his own, Rashed knew exactly what to do when the action got a little too hot for the baby.
We're really excited to get to really know him and become friends. It's such a gift to be able to expand our family in ways we never would have expected. The people who have come into our lives have brought such color, spice and depth to our family. It's been awesome.