Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some Photos

Okay, I couldn't wait for my modem to get here. I decided to post a Missy-Eye view of some of the cool things here. This is the deer trail that leads off our property to where the herd beds down at night. It's a 2-acre parcel of thick brush and a huge basalt hill. There's the coolest tree that forms a natural canopy-like fort that the boys have claimed as their own. Except that one day, Dallin went busting in there to find himself face-to-face with a mama deer and her baby. He showed remarkable presence of mind and just backed away slowly. It's a wonderland back there, I tell you.

I love the sunflowers here. They're everywhere, just growing wild.

This was my first day with my camera. A Golden eagle obliged me by circling overhead.

This photo makes me so happy. The nails, the creosote on the post, the twisted barbed wire... I love it.

This is my new spice garden. I dug it myself. It was quite a feat! I'm growing parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, chives from my last spice garden, sweet marjoram, lavender, and lemon balm. I still need sage, sweet basil, mint and oregano. Except oregano might just have to be potted. Have you seen how oregano spreads? It was a weed in my last yard. I'm going to use the rest of the space as a kitchen garden. There will be no big garden plot this year. This is what the beds look like right now.
Fancy, huh? It used to be a worm farm. We'll need to pull off the orange insulation, the rotten wood on top, cut down the trees that have grown up, scrape out the weeds, add tons of topsoil- then we'll be ready to plant. See why I'm waiting for next year?

But at least one project is completed! I painted my shutters black. Or, I got Lewis to paint them for me. They used to be the same color as my door- Ack! Don't they look loverly?

There's so much more rain here, there's lichen all over the trees. LOVE the color! It reminds me of my carpet. Wait- I love the color OUTSIDE.

Remember when I said there was a lot more rain here? I love this photo.

New pink life bursting forth. What do you think- apples? That's my guess. But what kind?! It's a mystery unfolding right here.

This is a great blue heron I saw yesterday while fishing/taking pictures with Logan. This is about a half mile from our house.

This is my pile of rocks that we dug from our field. We're going to use them in our landscaping! (clapping hands giddily) I can't wait to find a home for these lovelies.
So there you have it. Not any photos of inside, but as I get projects done, I'll post them.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost There.....

I won't consider myself fully moved in until I have Internet access. "What?!" you say, "Haven't you already lived there over a month?"
Yes, I have. For many weeks I was in rebellion against confiscatory Internet prices here. Did you know, in Kennewick, I only paid $26 a month for really decent speed Internet? Here, the cheapest I could find is around $75 for not nearly as fast. I have abstained on principle. But, I just can't take it any longer. AND.... I got a rocking camera that I'm having so much fun with. I'm dying to post all the pictures of my life here. Any day now, you will see eagles soaring overhead. Piles of rocks that this chickybabe has dug from her very own field, destined to become a wall around her spankin' new spice garden. You'll see my best thrift store find ever, a delicious black leather club chair I nabbed for $20! Life is very good here. We've been busy getting to know people at church, inviting someone over at least once a week. Lewis has been working like crazy getting his business up and running, but he's still had time for planning a cabin he and his father are building this spring/summer, playing baseball with us in our field, snuggling up and watching movies... those kinds of things.
Here's one I took of Dall. Oh, the joys of leaving my cruddy point and shoot behind! I'm just barely learning, but it's really fun work. Hopefully, in a day or so, I can fill you in fully on exactly what our lives here look and feel like. Until then....I'll watch American Idol and fret over who gets sent home!