Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, I'm not really homeless, just kinda in between homes. I packed up my computer today, and took off my sheets. Eek! Ever look at your mattress top? As in, picture someone else hauling your bare mattress around in broad daylight? That baby's getting one of those zip on covers first thing in the morning!

We've been through a lot of drama this week. Our house sale fell through. Then we had not one, but three plumbing/earthworks disasters. While we were showing the house. Ordinarily, just one of those would have been enough to throw me over the edge. I, however, lived through the loan process for our next house. I think it was almost as bad, and we lived to tell the tale. Towards the end, I was asking the loan officer, "Would you like a urine sample as well? Maybe a little bone marrow?" Would have been less painful, believe me. The loan guy was so apologetic by the end. "I know this is bad," he kept telling me, "I can't believe you haven't just walked away!"

It was so gnarly because our current (former?) home was an in-family purchase without any escrow company or anything.

It sounds so silly and melodramatic of me, but there have been so many days where I just have to take a deep breath and tell the universe "I choose life! I choose to live through this!" Really. I know it sounds stupid, but it's true. All's well that ends well, right?

Right now, I now am curled up in the warm nest of my parent's house, and will be sleeping here until we leave for vacation early Friday morning. I'll spend the next two days doing the final packing and cleaning of the home I've lived the longest in since I was born.

If you want to stop by, you'll find me there. I'll be the one brandishing a packing tape dispenser wearing crazy braids, snowflake jammies and maniacally glinting eyes.

Oh, and we got three offers on our house yesterday, and accepted one of them.