Friday, November 21, 2008

I Fell in Love

I saw something a couple of weeks ago, and I fell hard for it. It's in my hot little hands now, and it's my newest, bestest friend. My video phone.

Know what I can do with it?
Call my family and talk with them face to face.

Know what else I can do? Get four of us on the screen at the same time talking face to face!

I know. It's so cool. Does it get any better?

I can record such sparkling and witty exchanges and save them as video files on my computer.

But wait! There's more!

She got one too, so now I can call her and show her my new haircut or earrings or cute shirt that I got on clearance. I don't have to wait until one of us can find the perfect moment between appointments, naps and physical discipline.

I got so excited by it, that I actually have become a real life Bidnesswoman. I've decided to distribute these babies! I never, ever would have thought that I could do it without the example and encouragement of some very chic real businesswoman friends. So until I am as cool as they are, I get to dress up and play with my phone for people. And think about this: if you get one, you can call me and I can make you laugh by pretending to pick my nose.

Want some more details?

It works over the internet (only high speed DSL or cable will do, dial-up will make you look fat), so you don't have to pay long distance ever again, or even local service. (!!!)

You get to keep your same phone number.

When you aren't using it, it entertains you as a digital photo frame.

The phone is free. You just have to pay $30 a month for the service. Because the phone is so spendy to make, you sign a two year contract just like a cell phone.

If you want someone else to have one too, like a grandma or sister far away or even anywhere in the world, there are family plans where you get a second phone to send to them for just $11 more a month.

It has every regular phone feature that I ever knew existed.

The sound quality is like a really good cell phone connection.

It does a whole lot more, like it can hook up to your TV so you can blow the image up reeeaaaalllly big if you want to. That would work if you were having a joint Family Home Evening with someone on the other side of the country.

How am I doing? Do I sound business savvy yet?
So, if you want one of these babies, you can get one all by yourself here, or you can email me, or even better, call me and I'll come to your house and we can play phones together!
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