Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Redneck Waterpark

Have I mentioned before how absolutely Klassy we are? We may live in town, but we're serious rednecks. My husband once built a swimming pool out of 2x4's and a tarp that said 'Grand Opening'. Yeah, I was mortified, but it was in the backyard, and the kids had fun. Our fire pit used to be an old metal wheelbarrow. An old dead refrigerator once served as a tool chest. It's that bad. If I look out the window, I can see a lovely maroon bathtub adorning my driveway. My husband is waiting for me to sell it on craigslist. That may never happen. Are we poor? No. Ignorant and uneducated? No. We're just, well, us. And we're proud. I used to think we were the worst in the neighborhood. Not anymore.
On hot days, we have our own redneck waterpark. We have an old metal playground slide that goes down on our steps into the orchard. With a little ingenuity, and a plastic sled, the neighborhood urchins have a fantastic time.

When they're shivering and their lips turn blue, they take our old sleeping bags, lay them out on the grass, and catch some rays.

But here's the shocking part. Some people, some ordinarily classy people, let their kids out like this: I don't know about you, but I found this offensive.

Holy Polski, Batman!

This chicky-babe is going back to Poland!
It's crazy to think that I'll be heading back to Europe for the second time in 7 months. If you missed my adventure in Nov, you can catch up on it here. The best part about it, is that this time, it'll be warm. You know what else it means? My great grief and longing will finally end. For as long as possible, anyway. I'm seriously stocking up. This time, I'm determined to learn from a pro how to make their cakes. Cause honey, you ain't never had anything like their cakes. I hadn't, anyway. I had the best idea last night. We won't be there on a Sunday, but I thought it would be cool for the girls in our young women's group to make a care package for the girls in the YW group there. They could write letters, enclose their pictures and email addresses, and send little American girlie trinkets. Wouldn't that be cool?