Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Lone Ranger

Poor Baby, last school year he had no idea he was missing anything. He was still drooling and gnawing on the furniture. This year, as his brothers take off to the bus, he HAS to go with them. He straps on an extra backpack, starts trucking down the sidewalk with little backward glances at me, half scared I'm going to stop him. "Bye, Mom, I go skoo bus!" he calls out. "Have a good day!" I answer. I sit and chat with Jeanne as Baby plays with all the kids on the lawn at the bus stop. As the bus rumbles up the street, kids scramble to claim their place in line, and the little guy just stands and stares in longing. The first time we did this, the bus driver waited for him and asked me if he was getting on. I told her no, he was only two, and she laughed. She waves to him every day now.