Thursday, March 5, 2009

Her Parents Shoulda Called Supernanny

My sister-in-law recently introduced me to You can watch all the new episodes of Supernanny in hd there. We're new to Supernanny, and let me tell you, it's entertainment for the whole family. My kids are in awe of the tantrums, the bad parenting, the sassiness. During the little commerical breaks, we look at each other slack-jawed and I ask the boys, "If you were the dad, how would you have handled that?" Or, even better, "What would have happened to you if you did THAT to me?" We watched this poor lady this morning, who had just missed her flight to San Francisco. I say poor lady, because she never appears to have had anyone love her enough as a child to smack her out of it. I could understand if maybe her baby or diabetic grandmother were on the flight, but that does not appear to be the case.

From the AP article:"The three-minute video shot on a mobile phone shows a woman wailing, throwing herself on the floor, banging on an airport counter and trying to barge through a closed boarding gate at the Hong Kong International Airport on Feb. 4 after missing a flight to San Francisco.
"They have no compassion. The plane hasn't even left, and they've shut the gate. They're crazy! They're crazy!" the woman shouted."

Supernanny, she needs your help!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bless You Netflix!

I'm still recovering from my trip to San Diego (and I still have some good stories to tell; nights punctuated with night-time drama, emergency vehicles and my husband extracting promises from me that I will never, ever do a certain something again) and until I'm all the way back on my feet, I'm clocking some serious couch time. Yesterday morning I slept through multiple episodes of some BBC dinosaur show with my two youngest cuddled up with me. After I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and did my work for the day, I collapsed again and stumbled upon the most fascinating movie.

Know anything about Sri Lanka and their civil war? I didn't know anything either. I'd heard about the Tamil Tigers during the aftermath of the Tsunami; my midwife went there to deliver babies. This movie paints a vivid tear-jerking picture of the life of a little girl who finds she was adopted out from that region. It has the music and flair of Bollywood, and some of the locations will stop your heart. I can't wait to do some research and learn exactly what the fighting is all about. Again, like most of the movies I recommend, it's not in English, but don't let that stand between you and an unforgettable experience.