Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Now Interrupt this Vacation....

For a little update. First of all, this is our first real family vacation. Let me just say, I have learned so much.

Like how a little 15 foot motor home is not big enough for 7 people.

3 days at Disneyland are just about right.

I can not take this degree of family closeness. All I can say, is Thank You, gender gods! At least I have time in the restrooms by myself, and I have visited every restroom in both Disney parks multiple times.

Planning to cook all our meals in advance and freeze them for the trip was a good idea. But between packing, moving stuff out, cleaning, showing my home and all, it wasn't practical. Haven't made one meal. Wait- we had sandwiches at a rest stop the first day, that counts.

It's expensive to eat out. We did the all-you-can-eat bbq at Disneyland, figuring we could splurge on one sit down dinner, and you know how much it was? $189. I told the boys, "Eat all the ribs you can! We need to get our moneys' worth out of this meal!"

Liam isn't the baby we all thought he was. He totally earned the nickname "stones" because he has a serious pair. He rode every ride with us, even the Tower of Terror. There was one ride, Dallin and I were clutching each other, eyes screwed shut saying over and over to each other "Just pretend Dad is pushing us on the swing!" All the while, Liam was having a great time peering over the edge. We actually went on all the rides together as a family, baby rides, scary rides, we only split up for two rides he wasn't tall enough for.

I've managed to take a few moments here and there to keep current. I've heard that Paige was sent home. (finally! I'm still not over Lilly and the Lambert kid getting cut) I know that health care reform was passed, and Joe Biden dropped the f-bomb during a press conference (hee hee! he's so great for comic relief).

I also know that I am really, really ready to go home. And I really want to have a home to go home to.