Friday, May 30, 2008

Snip, Snip.

I should be in bed. I know that. I have more than 24 hours of travel in the next few days, but I'm up blogging. I just had to tell you all about what happened to me this morning. I was sitting at the computer doing something very important that I can't remember right now. My littlest guy was standing behind me on the chair I was sitting in. He was messing with my hair, and Iwasn't paying attention. All of a sudden, I heard "snip. snip. snipsnipsnip." My spine stiffened, and I flung my hand up to stop whatever was happening. Scissors. In his hands. Snipping off my hair at the top of my head.
I just got my hair cut yesterday, and it still had all the professional goo in it to make 'fuller, sexier hair'. Apparently it was sticking up in back. What can I say, I was still in my pajamas! My little guy was trying to do me a favor and fix my crazy-looking hair. Luckily, my hair is heavily textured in the back, so with all those layers it would take a lot more snipping to be able to tell!
If that wasn't a close shave, I don't know what is!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Girlie Fix

Doing hair used to be a huge part of my life. Seriously, don't laugh. It's pretty far from who I am today, but I actually went to beauty school in high school. I was allowed to cut my own hair by the 4th grade, and I was cutting my family's hair by junior high. I used to invent all kinds of elaborate twists and braids. Well, I grew up, went to college, got married, and had all boys. I actually don't cut my boy's hair very often. It just doesn't provide much 'scope for the imagination'. Every once in a while though, I get the itch. Luckily, I have Elizabeth.

My neighbor. My cousin.
A lone prissy girly girl in a practical family that doesn't specialize in all things froufy. Lucky for me, eh? I was grocery shopping a little while ago, and thought, "You should pick up some of those spongy pink curlers to make Elizabeth's life complete." So I did. Saturday night, she came over, still wet from her bath. I wrapped her right up.
She came over the next morning to get styled. Her mom told me later that she had a 'Sarah' doll with tight blond curls. She was desperately hoping to have 'Sarah' hair. Her mom doubted that her hair would take that kind of curl. She thought about telling her that her type of hair could never be 'Sarah' hair, so she wouldn't be too disappointed. When Elizabeth bounced home with the curls she was pining for, she was so glad she hadn't said anything.
It was so much fun to get my girly fix. Sigh.