Friday, March 5, 2010

In Love

This is my favorite season of all! After the gray, dismal winter, crocuses bloom. The forsythia is out in all its lemony glory. New life is everywhere. It's warm, and the neighbor kids forsake their electronic games and play, play, play till they drop.
As I see the sunlight streaming in through the windows, hear the happy shouts of children floating on the air, see the way the new tender leaves glow when the light hits them, I am so in love with my home, my neighborhood, and my life here.
I can't even fathom leaving it. Ouch.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen you naked!?

That's what my sister asked me today when I told her what happened.
"Um, not many" I admitted.
It was an ordinary morning. It was almost 9 when I hopped in the shower. It was a lovely shower, boy am I gonna miss two shower heads! I stepped out and began rubbing Vaseline on my skin. It really helps hold the moisture in, and no, it doesn't feel greasy. I was taking my time, enjoying the moment alone.
Movement caught my eye, and there in the window, was the painter. I couldn't see his eyes, just from the chin down.
I leapt into a towel, and dashed out of the room.
I hid in the boys' room with my phone.
"Angie- my painter just saw me naked!"
"Well, at least you don't have huge boobs."
Would it be worse if I had huge boobs? I don't know.
He came inside to ask me something, and his face betrayed no embarrassment.
Did he see?
How could he not?
The window was a little fogged up... but I could see him...
Did I give an unintended show?
It's a mystery, my friends. A mystery.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just when you think you have it all together.....

This morning was going great. I had a lovely night's sleep, the packing is going swimmingly. With the exception of my range spitting flames at me and shocking my arm, my dishwasher leaking, and a few other choice experiences, my Monday had gone well. There was one great thing- I had a leaky faucet. It leaked and leaked. I really wanted it fixed. I turned off the water to the sink, but guess what? It still leaked. The plumber came and looked at it- supposedly fixed it, but still, drip drip drip. I had an idea I wanted to try, but I was vetoed. "Better let the professional handle it" He told me. Yesterday, I figured the pro had taken his crack at it (plumber's crack, get it?) and now it was my turn! Know what I did? I put a bead of silicon all around the offending joint and you know what? I FIXED IT! THAT'S RIGHT. ME. MY IDEA. Ha.

Anyway, on to this morning. Things were going pretty well. I'd taped and mudded the ceiling of my shower, and did a dang good job. I LOVE taping inside corners. It's very soothing. Then I kicked it into gear and bathed Liam, got him dressed, out the door, and dropped off to preschool. On the way to see my lover, aka Home Depot, my phone rang. Angie had just dropped her daughter off at preschool. My brain clunked a gear. If her daughter was at wasn't Liam's day for preschool! It wasn't Wednesday after all! I felt a moment of vertigo and a disturbance in the time/space continuum. Then I laughed my head off. Poor Liam was very much traumatized to be there with the wrong class. There were tears, and I came to his rescue as soon as I'd paid for my packing boxes, masking paper, paint and tape.

Monday, March 1, 2010

T minus 17

That's how many days I have until the great exodus, or at least until the vacation before the great exodus. We'll only be here overnight when we get back from vacation. Things are actually coming together! Just one room has exposed sheet rock, and that's from a closet that was framed on Saturday! On Sunday, we cleaned up the construction area of the yard and dumped all the debris in the truck, so we look like hicks again. Sorry, I can't include a pic, but I think I packed my power cord to my camera. It's an impressive sight though.
I'm going to freeze a bunch of meals for the vacation, we're staying in a motor home, to save money. I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money these days. Seriously, if you cut me, hundred dollar bills and sheet rock plaster will come out. I go to Home Depot an average of twice a day.
I hatched a scheme to freeze meals ahead of time, so I just have to pop them in the crock pot or oven, and thus save about a thousand dollars. Which sounds good to me right now. I'm fine-tuning my menu for treats, lunches and snacks. Any suggestions?