Friday, September 21, 2007

I've started a new business

Yes, with the kids going back to school, and with all this leisure time I have, I've embarked on a business venture. I do it on my own free time, and I love it, at least, I love to get paid. I also love the howls of agony and protest I hear whenever I get to work. You see, I'm an independent shoe picker upper. I charge a dollar for every pair I put away, and I've made quite a tidy sum! I made enough to buy this cute mohair sweater from the Limited.

Of course, being the bargain shopper I am, I only paid four dollars for it, but still, that's real job satisfaction. Business is actually drying up for shoes, I have to beg my boys not to pick them up, but they won't listen. To keep up my new stream of income, I've decided to branch out a bit: make beds, put away backpacks, clean up snack messes in the kitchen, I'll do anything for a few bucks. If that works out well, maybe I'll move on to closets!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time Out for Women

So Friday afternoon, a group of gals from our ward took off to a distant city, which for security reasons, shall remain nameless. You see, we look so good in these pictures, we could attract cyber-stalkers. We were a pretty diverse group, different ages, life experiences and strengths. Some of them were only acquaintances, and others I knew very well. After spending the weekend together, we're definitely all much better friends.

There was a lot of talking and laughing.......

eating delicious food, shopping, telling stories.......

going to the movies, staying up way too late and getting very, very silly.
warning- disturbing images to follow!