Friday, March 27, 2009


I was laying in bed napping with Liam when the big boys bounded boisterously in my bedroom door. (I know all those b's are tacky, but I can't help it) They had to tell me this funny story about how they were waiting for the city bus, when my cousin and her husband drove by and gave them a ride home. It was funny because Dainon had to cram in and double buckle with my friend and neighbor's darling daughter. We were all laughing and joking about that 'special' feeling he must have had to be sitting next to a girl like that, when I decided to hop out of bed. But alas, there was a problem. I wasn't wearing any pants.
Why, you ask?
Because mine are all a bit too tight, especially to sleep in.
Why, you ask? (I can't believe I blog about stuff like this.)
Because I've been stressed lately, so I've been eating out more than usual, and spending too much time on the couch with a beloved and comforting bowl of popcorn.
Why, you ask?
Business. I'm not what you would call a capable woman. I grow in itty bitty baby steps. I started out waaaaaaayyyyyy behind the rest of you. I'm just now starting to look in my kids' backpacks when they get home from school.
Really. So now I have boys to raise, a home to take care of, clothes to wash and dishes to clean, homework to oversee and all that, and I'm a partner in an expanding-beyond-all-reason business.
I could leave it all to my very dynamic and capable husband, but I really love the work. Know what I love the most? The public speaking. Give me a stage and a microphone and I'm happy for a week. Isn't that weird? It's the exhibitionist in me.
So I love it, and we're working hard, but I have this invisible line that I can't cross. I can only work so hard (and the line moves daily) and then no more. I cross that line, and there's this sound in my brain. Kind of like "BZZZZT." Then all thought stops. All housework stops too. Same with business.
That was me yesterday.
I literally lay snuggled up on the couch with Liam in front of my computer monitor and watched this all day. And I do mean all day.

As my breakfast dishes waited patiently on the table, I watched all six (count'em) 55 minute episodes of this gem. My world shrank down so small that all it contained was the delightful minx Becky Sharp and the sleeping boy in my arms. Becky did great work for me yesterday. Here's another delicious escape:
Thanks, Noelle, for the tip on this one. You like Jane Austen? You'll love Wives and Daughters. And it's reeaaaaalllly long too. Both of these are on the 'Watch Instantly' section of my beloved Netflix.
So, I guess you could say I'm expanding. I'm growing as a person, learning to push myself to the limits of my capabilities.
I'm, um, getting bigger buns and thighs. Because I can't work out right now. I just can't.
I'm also expanding my movie review list.
All around it's a bonus!