Sunday, June 14, 2009

Labor and Delivery on the Way to Church

We were going to be late. Lewis was already at church with the older boys, and I was in a blur of hurry putting Liam's sandals on. They weren't his dress shoes, but what can you do? As I looked up into his eyes to tell him to go buckle up, I noticed a telltale bulge on his tummy. "There's a baby bunny in my tummy!" he chirped, in answer to my questioning eyes. I shrugged and told him to head out to the van. I mean, it's church, right? Who's going to condemn my preschooler for an unplanned cross species pregnancy?

As I drove the five minutes to church, I was treated to all the sounds of his labor and delivery. "Wah, wah!" the baby bunny cried. "He wants to come out!" Liam kept me informed on his progress. By the time we arrived, I was a proud new.....Grandbunny?