Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Career (again?)

So we all stayed home today, and were really, really bored. Then the kids started sniping at each other and I thought about auctioning them off. My oldest son Dainon started editing photos of himself for his Facebook profile. I saw what he'd done, then I begged him to let me take some of him and mess with them myself.
I begged, pleaded, shed a tear or two and then he let me! Now, I have a really cruddy point and shoot camera. It does a terrible job with faces, the flash is so harsh and no flash is blurry, but I had a fantastic time. I was giddy.
Am I a pro? Alas, a lack. But my son will no longer have a lame facebook presence. Any little thing I can do as a mother, you know?
I present to you: The Many Faces of Dainon

I love his eyelashes. Did you know he stole them from me? Mine kinda fell out after he was born.

He let me mess with his hair too. The sacred forehead is showing. That sucker hasn't seen the light of day in years.

This one reminded me of some Andy Warhol print.

I call this one "Edward" I think he should be all pale and sparkly for Halloween.

I'm lovin' the hair. Would that mine had curl like that!
The eyes have it.
This one has a 'rebel without a cause' feel to it. Yeah, it was such a blast to do, too bad Logan won't let me take pictures of him. Maybe I can bribe him with something?
Hey, Loganski, I've got some chocolate soy milk for you!

Bullet Dodging no More

With all the sickness going around, the pukies, swine flu, the regular flu, bad colds...etc. We've come off pretty easy. Until today. I suspect the tide is turning. I have one guy in bed with a really sore throat, one with a rumbly tummy, one with painful swollen glands, and another one because it didn't seem fair for him to be the only one in school. I mean, if we're quarantining, we'd better do this thing right, right? So what's the forecast for today? Chicken Soupy with a strong chance of Netflix.