Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who doesn't love the fair?

Last night we went to the fair. We skipped last year, so this was the first time we'd been with all our substantial family. It was a bit unwieldy, wending our way through the crowds, but it was so great to see the excitement and wonder on each of their faces.

Look at their faces! See the excitement? The wonder?

The most fun for me was the people watching. It was very interesting to see people all decked out in what was to them, their finest and most attractive. I could just visualize some of the girls at home, in front of their mirrors with their friends testing the effect of first one outfit, then the other. It is a law of nature that every generation is entitled to their own ridiculous fashion trends. My parents have photographic evidence of my years of folly, and I'm keeping the camera handy for when my boys enter that phase.

We loved the massive, greasy, sugar and cinnamon encrusted elephant ears. There's just something deliciously disgusting about ripping them up, stuffing them in and licking the sugar from ones fingers.

I just got that shirt on sale at Walmart. Isn't it cute?

We were just finishing up when a few of the boys had, as Cindy says, an inkling of a tinkling. It gave me immense satisfaction to just smile, and say, "Go ask your dad!" Having all boys has its benefits.