Friday, January 23, 2009

What These Hands hath Wrought- An Earlgirl Giveaway!

I realized this morning, that I tend to get a bit obsessive in my interests. I have equipment stored in various places all over my house for all kinds of skills. I love to sew, paint watercolors, draw, knit, blog, take pictures, cook, garden, make jewelry, etc, but I never do anything in moderation. If I knit, I knit for a month straight and then never touch it again for two years. I get on a sewing kick and sew ten skirts, then put the machine away. My husband is still waiting for all the beads he bought me two Christmases ago to be put to use.

I knitted a handful of berets as Christmas gifts this last year, and the day after Christmas, I thought to myself, "Earlgirl, what if you started knitting in January, and you just made a few hats every month. Just think of all the cool gifts you could make! You could save yourself so much stress and pressure come December!" So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been eating, sleeping, breathing knitting. And I've been having a ball! I've taken on cables and jacquard knitting (knitting with multiple colors at the same time). I love the challenge.

I'm definitely no pro, but I'm so proud!

Take a look-

I found this pattern in a knitting book, but the colors were red, white and black. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't that be perfect with a deep red, oatmeal with flecks and chocolate brown?" I knew exactly who it would be perfect for as a Christmas present too. Do you think I could keep it a surprise though? No. I'd only been done a few minutes before she'd seen it. The pattern I had was just a square, so I had to adapt it, see that star on top? That was my creation.

Yay! I love it.

I'll have ended up giving away most of my hats, so I decided to make one for my very own self. I'd done a square of knitting cables that go straight up and down, so I wanted to try making them go diagonal. There was no pattern for this one, I just made it up. See how it makes a swirl on top?

I'm never going to take this one off. Oh, and don't you love my snowflake jammies? I wonder how many times I've been seen on this blog wearing those.
Now, for the grand giveaway. One of you can be the proud owner of this baby:

I didn't know about traditional giveaways when I hit 100 posts. I was sewing skirts when I hit 200 posts. Try giving away one of those! But a hat, a hat can be done. So here you have it- I love brown, pink and yellow together. I like the tropical looking flowers. If this baby is meant to be yours, let me know.