Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Sneek Peek at Henry

After I finished the script, I got pretty overwhelmed at all the things that needed to be done to get ready to start filming. The thought of costumes made me want to crawl in bed and hide. One day my mom offered to come over to help me figure out who needed what. We went through each scene and got a rough idea of casting and costume needs. We made diagrams of different tunics, capes and cloaks. I got to work yesterday, and found, to my surprise, that many costumes didn't need to be sewn at all! All I need for a tunic is a rectangle with a hole cut in it for the head! This was very freeing, and we made a ton of progress. In the next day or so, I anticipate most of the costume work will be done.

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Allison said...

When do you anticipate filming? I'm still amazed you're doing this!! Are the boys busy learning lines?