Friday, August 31, 2007

A morning to melt the hardest heart

Here he is, after three years of preschool. After so many years of watching and longing. It's finally his turn.

In honor of his special day, the iron-clad rules of school-bus-line etiquette are set aside. Big brother gives up the alpha male position of first in line. Notice how they all go down in height? It's the pecking order.

There he is, shepherding the little guy into a new phase of life. (with a little help from nanny Jill)

I actually, ahem, got a little choked up at this point; watching a kind, supportive brother doing his job.

If you can't tell from his face, this guy is incandescent with joy. sniff.


Lee said...

It was a hard morning.. Mine wouldn't even let me walk him to the door. Can't believe these boys are old enough!!

Allison said...

How cute! What a great day...after waiting SO long! It's going to be a fun year!

Kim said...

What a cutie! Congrats! One to go?!