Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowed-in Sacrament Meeting

We had a great day yesterday! A super-rare thing happened. It snowed. And it kept snowing. And the snow stayed. Our fine city's usual response to snow is "Let's wait to see if it melts before we plow." There was a layer of ice under the snow, so church was canceled. That hardly ever happens either. I started planning a little devotional for just our family, when my husband got a brilliant idea. He called the Bishop, and asked for permission to have Sacrament Meeting in our home. We invited our LDS neighbors, and had a houseful! Thirty-one people ended up coming! We had six talks, one from each family. It was a such a wonderful experience. Some were dressed in ties, others in jeans, and all of us were so happy to be together. I wish I had taken a picture when everyone was here, but here is a before picture. The boys couldn't resist hopping on the benches.I love my neighborhood.


Home of the Muddy Kids said...

What a fun idea! Your neighborhood definitely has the people for a big enough meeting! Sounds fun.

Kristin said...

We were told that we could have the Sacrament in our home when we got the call that church was canceled. So we got right on it and planned our own Sac. Mtg. We didn't invite the neighborhood, but each member of the family gave a talk and picked a hymn. Aaron administered the sacrament, and I have to say that there was something so special about having it in our home. This is getting long so I'm going to have to do my own post...but it was great!

Jenn said...

That will be something your kids will remember. Are those treats on the table?