Thursday, June 26, 2008


My heart's been really full lately, and I've been thinking about God and what I've learned in my life. I've learned that when I reach out, I find Him. I've learned that when I find Him, I become a little more like Him. My sorrows are eased, my capacity for joy increases. I'm more patient, more in love with my husband. I have more compassion for my boys, teaching moments seem to pop up everywhere. Ideas pop into my head about who I can help, and how to help them. In a nutshell, I've learned that the nature of God is love. Isn't it absurd that anyone truly seeking God could argue, hate or even kill over exactly how to follow Him?
What I want to know, is what have you learned in your lives about God, or Universal Truth, or whatever higher power you seek? I believe that truth is truth, no matter where it comes from. Will you share your truths with me? Don't make it a novel, and you don't need to make it sect specific. Just share what you've learned that has lifted you higher. Come on lurkers, you're welcome to comment, I doesn't matter if we've never met.


Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Lately, I've learned that God cares about the people I am around. I love that one of the reasons we are put here is to help make others' lives better and more pleasant, and if you listen to your own feelings and impressions, God will tell you how to do it.

FleetingMoments said...

When I am troubled I have to lay all my affairs in His hand and I feel my spirit refreshed and gladdened. Nothing heals like the power of prayers and nothing is more soothing. Whatever name we call our Lord, if we believe in Him then only thing fills our heart is love.

Jodi said...

I have learned that He loves me unconditionally. It doesn't matter what I have done or how I feel, His love is omnipotent. I can't do anything that would lessen His love for me. Even when I feel unworthy of His love or feel that He is disappointed in me, it is still there. Just knowing that makes it much easier to go to Him in times of need because I know no matter what, He is there wanting to bless me and to comfort me. And He loves each of us the same way...even the greatest sinner. We can do nothing to change that love.

Jenn said...

I have learned that:
He knows me. He sends messages of love to me through warm, comforting feelings in my heart or sends someone with just the right thing to say. I feel important to Him.
He loves beauty. Sometimes when I look at the mountains and smell the trees or look at a perfect little daisy or rose bud I know that even the little things count to Him. Life isn't just a classroom but something to be enjoyed. Baby smiles, snowflakes, freckle noses, holding hands are details that make life beautiful.
He is not forceful. He has allowed me to explore paths that He doesn't encourage. Allowing me to do this and then decide that I would rather go on His path, He knows I then become the most faithful follower and not a grudging, toe dragging child.
I learn through challenges. I know that life is a test and each challenge is sent from a loving father who wants me to succeed. He is always there when I need help.

Anonymous said...

I find it easy to lay everything in Heavenly Father's hands but things are different when He asks me to do something and I think "Why me?" instead of saying "Here am I. Send me."not because I'm lazy but because I sometimes think "Am I the right person for that task?" and also because I can be very shy.

But when I do follow the promptings of the Spirit I can feel His help and everything goes perfect and that humbles me.

Everything goes always fine whenever I put faith in Him.

The thing that pains me most though is when I hear people being irreverent towards our Lord, and although anger is not something that comes from the Spirit, I think righteous anger is acceptable in this case.
(Kinda like Moses when he comes down Mount Sinai and finds everybody worshipping idols) :)