Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why Jello Shots, Fire Crackers and a Dry Field are not a Good Combination

We had a fun 4th of July. We went to the condo of a friend of ours, Nanny Pam. (This photo speaks to me. It says, "Honey, step away from the cookies. And keep on walking. Don't you hate pictures that make you think that? It's our only picture of the night, so I'm stuck with it. Anyway, back to Nanny Pam.) It's right by the river, where our town's firework display is. The kids brought her cool rocks and leaves, and dazzled her with their wit. We sat and chatted on her patio and watched as the sun set and darkness deepened. The condo next door, however, was a party in every sense of the word. They drank and drank, getting rowdier and more festive as the night wore on. They looked like clean cut, nice enough people, don't get me wrong, but by nightfall, they had their 'groove' on. Then they did us the great favor of providing a fantastic object lesson. They started letting off fireworks into a tinder-dry field. Of course it caught fire, it's been over 100 for a week! Their reaction was the best part. They stood there, flummoxed, telling each other "We need water." Duh. After a minute or so of this, my husband lets out a snort of disgust, and walks through the crowd next door, grabs their hose, turns on the water, walks to the field and puts the fire out. Neighbors on the other side were yelling at the partiers, calling them idiots, and we couldn't help but agree. It did make for a very productive conversation on the way home though.


Jana said...

Okay, that's some dang exciting memories going on! Kudos to memories even if they do involve burning fields!

The sprinklers went off on us as we blissfully sat in the most lovely July night waiting for the fireworks on a side hill across from the park. The people that own the building/work in the building were all on the roof laughing at us down on their grass scrambling like ants when the sprinklers went off.

We think they did it on purpose.

Everyone needs a Nanny Pam who won't turn on the sprinklers on you as you wait for the fireworks - unless of course she needs to because the drunk and raucous neighbors are burning down fields!

Yes, cool memories.

Lee said...

Hilarious! Glad your husband knows how to put out a fire. Seriously.
And you look cute.. so whatever to your cookie comment.

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

I miss our 4th tradition of going to Cynthia's house to watch the fireworks. That was always so great.

Those neighbors remind me of my college days at that party school. My first week there, the complex across the street started an enormouse bon fire...with their the middle of the parking lot. I guess we should have been grateful that they remembered to take them out of the apartments. Now, let me see; why was this a shock after a church college?