Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo tagged by Michelle

I get to pick the 6th folder in my pictures, and pick the 6th picture and tell you the story behind it. My problem is, I only have 4 folders. I have a new computer and I haven't transferred all my photos over yet. I've been putting it off until I can get my boys to do it for me, but they're too busy transferring their music. Who knew that Weird Al would still be popular with middle schoolers? "I'm Fat" is actually Dainon's ring tone for me. Am I offended? No, it's just his sense of humor. Which leads us to the photo. I picked the last of my folders, six files down, this is what you get:

I call it "Foot- A study by Dainon".

Hey, at least it's clean! Stained, but clean. I'll take what I can get. I don't discourage the boys' use of the camera, because I love the random things they come up with. For example: My husband's brother adopted a son (he has 6 cute blond daughters, and this little guy kind of fell in their laps) and invited us to see them be sealed together as a family in the temple. I was so excited to go, I'd never been able to witness that before. Sadly, Lewis had to work. I took Dain with me on the road trip. I got the traditional picture of him in front of the temple, but he had the camera the rest of the time. What kinds of pictures did I get?

Sports cars, or course. He's a teenager, right?

Then he branched out a bit, and took a picture of every vehicle we passed.
This was the morning after Halloween, so he brought his candy with him. Where did it end up? All over his clothes, along with some newsprint belonging to the comics he always reads. Oh, he was in fine shape by the time we got to the temple!
So there you have it. That was quite the story attached to that foot!


Home of the Muddy Kids said...

That is awesome. I love the car pics! My kids take detailed pictures of their puzzles, so they don't forget what they looked like...yep, exactly like the cover of the box!

Anonymous said...

i love the driver's expressions.