Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Just Bought a Ticket

I just bought a ticket, I just bought a ticket. I just bought a ticket......
I wonder where it's to?

Clue #1: I'm crossing the ocean with my sister in July.

ps. Tia Juana asked about my new scout theme. It is in celebration of all the guilt I've cast off in buying Dallin a new Bear book (he lost his first one, and the scout office is way out of my way). I'm now working on his requirements with him, and I no longer feel like I'm neglecting my poor middle child.


Jana said...

Ha Ha Ha - I thought that maybe you were called as Scout Master, or Mistress? Oh, my dream job as you well know!!!!

Please don't leave it up for long.

Okay, so where are you going!?! Well, you already went to Poland. I mean you could go again but I think I have learned enough about you to know that you would like to go some place new. I was thinking someplace like England or Ireland or something like that but I also think that you would enjoy some place where you have to learn, or try to understand, a foreign language ....

So, I think my guesses for where you are going with your sister are ....

Germany - if you are crossing the Atlantic

Japan - if you are crossing the Pacific

And I might add that I would most like to visit England and Ireland and Australia because it stresses me out to think of trying to figure out what people are saying to me when I don't speak their language but if I had to visit someplace where they spoke a different language it would be Germany for sure. Or a Scandinavian country. Definitely not Japan. Or South American any place. Oooooh, not that I've said that I'm doomed/destined to serve a mission after Joe retires to one of those places I don't want to go.

I love it when you mention me on the blog. It makes me feel popular and who doesn't like to feel popular?

Abby said...

I'm up in the night, painting bathrooms. I had to take a break from the fumes so that I don't pass out before I can finish - because I am GOING to finish. So I sat down and did something I've been far too overwhelmed to do for a LONG time: read blogs.
And BOY have I missed YOU!
I hope I get to be in heaven with you, swapping 'teenage boy' stories, public speaking and expansion and shrinkage stores.
Lovely day, darling!

SkinnyJeanGirl said...

Oh, any where you go, I hope you have a glorious time!!!:D

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Ah, I'm so left out!

Jenn said...

Oooo, ooooo! I know this one!