Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOSERFACE- My new nickname

What would you do?

I opened my email this morning and found an e-vite for a trunk sale from a man who is a slight business acquaintance. The note was addressed to Melissa LOSERFACE. Apparently, he had saved my name that way in his contacts. Oops! How embarrassing for him.

I spent a while this morning analyzing our few contacts. He organized an event where I was one of the speakers. He emailed, me as part of a group, the program. (That must have been the point where I was saved in his contacts with that delightful moniker.) I replied that his plans sounded great, that I was sure his event would be fantastic. The only time we've ever been face to face was a brief handshake- nice to meet you- conversation backstage before the event. Both were cordial and professional. So why the LOSERFACE? In all caps, even.

It's a mystery, my friends.

I'm thinking that I must have some mysterious power to repel total strangers.

This could be very useful when I'm in long lines at Disneyland.

I replied to his e-vite, but I'm curious, how would you handle this?
*An explanation- OR IS IT?
I got another email from the guy, and it was again, addressed to Melissa LOSERFACE. He was so flustered and apologetic. He couldn't find that adorable name anywhere in his contact list. He sent a different test email, it was still there. He insists he has no clue how it got there. I'm inclined to believe him. We spoke, and he was all apologies. I mean, come on. Does anyone over the age of 18 save a professional contact with the name LOSERFACE? I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Michelle said...

From someone who was say, thirteen, I might not be surprised, but a business associate? That is SO totally offensive. One, I would email back and refuse the invite with a kind reminder that your last name is Earl, not Loserface. And, if your business dealings have anything whatsoever to do with making this guy money, I'd sever them. Disrespect like that, even privately, is wrong, and he deserves to be called on it.

EarlGirl said...

My husband assures me that it's highly unlikely that it's a virus. He's sure he got caught. I did call him on it, and asked if I'd offended him in some way. The whole thing just seems so funny and strange to me. It really does seem like a middle school problem. Teacher, he's calling me names! And not even good ones like Blast-ended Skank! If you haven't seen this, you're missing out:

shannon said...

I would go with your first gut instinct. If you think it was a strange blip then go with that. If he did have you listed as that you simply calling him on it would bring the point home to him rather clearly I think.
While it goes without saying you are not a "loserface". I have always found you rather attractive and cannot imagine you causing strangers to run the other way. Unless it has been weeks since you showered or brushed your teeth. Then you are on your own.

Jana said...

That is the most bizarre thing ever. I would venture to bet it is some quirky thing that was unintentional but these days you never know. If it were something that affected your business (like he called you that in public or something), then I would say something, but if not, I'd let it go. Perhaps just asking him to make sure it was changed so as to not tarnish your good name would be enough to call him on it but also make sure it didn't get sent to places it shouldn't.

And, for the record, since it is not hurting your business, I think it is HILARIOUS!!! You just got a new blogger name in my reader... Melissa LOSERFACE!

Kimberly said...

Drew said those kind of things just don't pop up on an e-mail address. :-)

Your face, btw, is SO not the face of a loser.

Teachinfourth said...

Makes me wonder if he left his email account logged in with HIS teenage son lolling about...

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Should we call you MLF for short? I think it's kinda catchy!

Dweezleboss said...

Funny things happen--I once had a business assignment to send regular faxes to certain people ONLY under certain circumstances. Other people needed the fax regardless of the circumstances. I found a clever way to put "THINK" as part of their fax address in a place that I could see but that wouldn't print. It worked like a charm. THEN, During the Y2K mess, a new fax program had to be installed and suddenly the "Think" part appeared (as in "Think Robert"). The recipient was outraged. I don't know what he thought I was thinking, and I don't think I WANT to know, but it was entirely innocent, and after apologies, I had to find a new way to remember.

Personally, I'm all for giving the benefit of the doubt!