Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing is Sacred Anymore in this House

Not even semi-cute pictures of moi.

Ouch. And I think my son has found his calling in life.
Go ahead. Click on it and treat yourself to the full size version. I dare you.


Home of the Muddy Kids said...

I don't know. In the second one, you have a very luminous nose. Not everyone can say that, you know.

Tell Dain that he's got skilz.

Kevin said...

What is he using to create these? He sure has a talent for this.

EarlGirl said...

He used paint.net for this one. He uses blender a lot for his 3-d stuff. He's pretty good, huh?

Michelle said...

And this child is still living, you say? LOL!. I did enjoy his picture of President Korihor. ;)