Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fiesta Friday

I've been trying to make little occasions to brighten everyone's day around here. The adjustment to school has been tough for most (all) of them this year. We had such a kicked back summer, that fall reality was especially harsh. I decided that Friday's dinner should be something of a celebration- as in, "Hooray! We survived another week of school!"

This Friday was our first fiesta, which meant that I made a ginormous platter of nachos, and we all sat around and ate them without plates and forks.
This is a full size cookie sheet! The coolest thing about it was, we couldn't finish it all! Do you know how hard that is for me to do? It gave me great satisfaction to see food still on the table. I'm already planning this weeks fiesta, I need to get my hands on some good Mexican mariachi music!


Doran & Jody said...

Oh yum delish!!! We do the same but not SO big. I have a Taco platter that is bigger than a pie plate with deep edges. We load it up and sit around the table and munch until we are sick.

Lee said...

Mmmmmm... Now I am hungry! I love this idea!

Michelle said...

What a great idea! I may have to steal fiesta Friday from you when football is over.

I'm going to crack up if one of these days, the crazy woman in front of you in the WinCo line is me!!

Jenn said...

I love doing stuff like that! I bet that was really fun for everyone.

Teachinfourth said...

My aunt used to make these...they were the best.