Friday, January 8, 2010

The Longest of Ever

Here's a little "slice of life" post- just a funny moment from a day. I was sitting at the computer, typing away at something. The house was quiet- so nice and quiet since the boys went back to school! Liam had been minding his own business for the last hour or so when I heard him call me.
"Hey Mom! Come here!" This could only mean one thing, he'd built something he wanted to show me. If he needed something from me, it would sound a lot different from that. The curious thing was, I could tell by the echo he was in the bathroom.
"Come see mom! It's the longest of EVER!" Who can resist that?
I hurried to his location, and found him on the toilet- where he had, indeed, made something he wanted to show me.
Can I just say something? He's four. It was at least 14 inches long. How is that possible? How do they DO that?
There you go- a slice of life. It's just as if you were standing beside me in the bathroom, isn't it?


Christy said...


Teachinfourth said...

I think I'm grossed out, but I'm not quite sure...


Yeah, I'm grossed out.

Jenny said...

Lol! That is so cute (in a gross way). I don't know how they produce so much waste either! Little E filled two diapers to overflowing within a couple hours of each other yesterday. And the crazy thing is she hasn't really been eating much or constipated so I have no clue where that all came from! Crazy! Maybe the law that matter can't be created or destroyed is wrong...