Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen you naked!?

That's what my sister asked me today when I told her what happened.
"Um, not many" I admitted.
It was an ordinary morning. It was almost 9 when I hopped in the shower. It was a lovely shower, boy am I gonna miss two shower heads! I stepped out and began rubbing Vaseline on my skin. It really helps hold the moisture in, and no, it doesn't feel greasy. I was taking my time, enjoying the moment alone.
Movement caught my eye, and there in the window, was the painter. I couldn't see his eyes, just from the chin down.
I leapt into a towel, and dashed out of the room.
I hid in the boys' room with my phone.
"Angie- my painter just saw me naked!"
"Well, at least you don't have huge boobs."
Would it be worse if I had huge boobs? I don't know.
He came inside to ask me something, and his face betrayed no embarrassment.
Did he see?
How could he not?
The window was a little fogged up... but I could see him...
Did I give an unintended show?
It's a mystery, my friends. A mystery.


Gardener said...

Well, I haven't seen you naked. And I'm content with that. Fortunately, you've finished the painting, but if you weren't, your paintbrushes are safe from me!

Anonymous said...

hehe-I am laughing so hard-I also had to reread your link about Dainons scarred retinas and had a good chuckle again! I am happy to add my name to the list that has NOT seen you completely naked. Oddly I feel out of the loop. LOL :)

Kim said...

Oh Missy, thanks for the comic relief last night. I new exactly what happened and with who before I even read through the whole thing.

hartleyhouse said...

Who needs TV when we have you to entertain us!! Clark thinks the story about Dainon seeing you naked is hilarious :)

lovecat said...

LOL! Hopefully it was sunny outside so he couldn't see in...