Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'd Forgotten

I swear, I will never, ever again forget how it feels to be new. The hope that someone, anyone will come visit. The thrill when the phone rings with an invitation. The constant replaying and questioning of every word I said. Did I sound too eager? Snobby? Dorky? Like someone they would want to be friends with?
I wipe away tears from my boys' eyes as they grieve for the lives they have left behind. I allowed few tears too, but only one or two, because I have to go meet with teachers soon, and I don't want a blotchy face. Who wants a blotchy face? No one.
I will never see a new family at church without inviting them to something, no matter how trivial it seems to me. When you're on the other end, it's not trivial, it's everything.


Gardener said...

I'm sure you did sound dorky, snobby and too eager, and fun and charming. Like a normal human being. Anyone that doesn't want to be friends with you is not worth being friends with! (or they need their vision adjusted) Hang in there.

Sweet Cherie said...

Keep an eye out for cute single guys in your new ward for me. I hope you find a good friend there soon. One good friend makes all the difference in the world.

Michelle said...

Sending you lots of love, and hoping you find good friends for yourself and your kids very soon!

lovecat said...

:D Hugs!
I am sure that you will make some great friends soon and your children will find that they love it in their new school. I just hope that it is sooner rather than later. ;)
Love you so much!

Allison said...

Oh Missy. I know you posted so long ago and I hope by now things are a little better. I completely know how you feel.... i vowed to do the same thing (be friendly, outgoing, invite, greet etc. someone new) after living in CA and feeling SO alone and SO overlooked and SO sad. Hang in there. You are a fun girl, a smart girl, an awesome mother and amazing wife...people will see it and you'll be the life of the party there soon! Love you!