Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet September

What's sweet about September? Not much, but does roll off the tongue, doesn't it? Our big news is that a skunk killed both our ducks! Kit Kat and Sweaty Bicep, alas, are no more. We set traps and on the second night, the mystery killer was revealed. It was none other than an adorable skunk. Seriously, it had the sweetest face! Of course, I didn't see its face until after it was dead and I was in no danger of being sprayed....

This is our dead skunk. Lewis was merciful, and put it to sleep under a tarp with fumes piped in from a tube in the exhaust pipe. It doesn't look like a vicious killer, does it?
But this is what it did to me sweet little Leghorn that was just getting ready to lay thundreds of eggs for me.
Note to Skunk: Don't come between me and my beloved chickies and/or ducks. The fumes of justice will seep in upon you.

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