Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Been Forever!

My son found my blog at school by searching his name on Bing, and we had a good laugh over the post he found. Time has sure flown! It seems like every time I turn around it's Friday again, which is a lot better than always being Monday.
School is hard. A professor explained why when she told me about dendrites, and how if you're out of school for a long time they shrivel up. When you start back to school, they're forced to reroute and regrow. So that's why it hurts. But I'm still loving it.
In fact, today is a celebration day. I got my grade for my first really real speech in speech class. It was a 99% with compliments underlined! Yes, it's a good day. Plus, there's no school tomorrow, and my parentals are coming tonight to spend the night!!!
We've had some drama though. A predator has been killing some of my beloved birds. My beautiful golden sex link was struck down IN the chicken yard IN broad daylight! I couldn't
believe it. Then, when we were in Idaho, two Barred Rocks fled and left nought but their feet and feathers. It's a good thing I'm married to a stud, I tell you. Look what he did!
Lewis caught the culprit in the act. He dropped him in one shot, so animal lovers, he didn't feel a thing.
We are loving our little farm though. We have two goats, Cymbeline (a milk goat when she's bred) and Ophelia (a meat goat). Lewis built them this cute little barn we call the Garn. For goat barn, get it?

Aren't they such cute girls? Liam has been worried that we're going to kill them and eat them. I tell him not to worry, we're not going to eat them, just their babies. Can you pre-pay for counselling?

Their cozy little home.


Michelle said...

I was just thinking I should drop a few lines on your blog and ask how school is going. Lewis is welcome at my house anytime. I have plenty of those muts running around. I may hit you up for goats milk, or maybe I should just teach you how to make your own soap. :)

Gardener said...

Nice to see you back!!! Don't let anyone talk you into believing you have shriveled dendrites. You were just out of the habit -- and you will be/obviously are fine! Cute goats! I love goat meat!

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Does he shoot dogs? Ours could use it some days. (o: