Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Sisters- I miss 'em

This is my oldest sister. I miss her. I don't get to see her or talk to her enough. We're only 18 months apart, so we spent a lot of years in the same Young Women's groups, Sunday school classes, and overlapping groups of friends. We had long, really long, drives to seminary every morning, and equally long drives back home from school. We had this one tape, Milli Vanilli, (anyone remember them?) that we would sing at the top of our lungs. "Girl you know it's true, Ooo Ooo Ooo, I love You!" In the summers we tackled crossing the wake together, dropping a ski, then finally getting up on one ski. We would sit beside each other in church the next morning, with sunburns and whip lash, unable to turn and look at each other. We got into a lot of trouble together, like when she decided it was time I learned how to drive. It was on one of those long drives home from school, and my dad's pristine truck was a stick shift. I wasn't going to make the turn, so she helped me out a bit too much, into a barbed wire fence!
She's very different from me. She's driven, focused, and really good at what she does. She was a CPS worker, and now she's a mom. She's always learning new parenting techniques, and man, she's got skills. She pushes her body by running and lifting weights. She's got some serious guns!
My kids love to spend time with her because when she's with them, she's really present in their world. She clues in really quickly to what interests them. Here she's making a little drawing game for boy #3. She drew one picture that changed into a different one when you folded the paper and held it up to the light. He was amazed!

Here's my little sister. Everyone should have a little sister like her. She's cheerful and puts up with all kinds of bossiness, meddling and abuse. She's a gatherer of people, a shepherdess of sorts. She always has a group of girls she's taken under her wing. She's always organizing group sport, some clothing exchange, some club or other.

My, she was fun to raise. My husband was actually her first dance. Our rooms were next to each other's and during any emotional trauma, all we'd have to do is leave our door cracked open and let it all out. Quick as a flash, we'd be in each other's bed to talk it out and give comfort. We both are book worms, and we spent hours laying in bed with our feet at each other's heads plowing through our books. We shared a bathroom, and I really miss getting ready, putting on makeup and doing our hair together. Outside the temple on my wedding day, she cried because she knew she was losing me. I was so happy and excited, I thought she was just being silly. It was hard to imagine that part of life ending.
We still get to visit, and talk occasionally but it's never the same, is it?


Allison said...

I remember posting a similar post sometime last year...I just missed my 3 sisters and had to let it out! I'm sorry you're missing them, but I'm glad you have such awesome sisters! Sisters are THE BEST!

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Good grief. I'm all teary-eyed. I thought my heart was breaking when you got married. That was a fun post to read. You left out the part where we would stick rose petals up our noses to try to gross each other out, yet still keep a pleasant scent...and the part where we were laughing so hard on the trampoline that time that you sprayed grape juice AND popcorn out your nose. And you also forgot that I used to take out the outlet in the adjoining room so I could listen when you had your friends over. Augh, the memories. I do miss all of that stuff. Being married is fun, but nothing compares to having girl time all the time.

The Bloxham Bunch said...

Sisters are the best. I don't know what I'd ever do without mine. They help me out with my sanity once in a while with a little phone call or card. I miss mine tons!