Sunday, January 20, 2008

Accountability Update

We've been doing the accountability board for about a month now, and get a load of this!Green is good. It means they took care of business without me having to get on their case. I think more scripture is getting read in this house than ever in the history of our family.

Can you say, "Ka-ching?"
Two perfect weeks, from two great kids.
It's been really exciting to see the boys take on more responsibility. The only real hitch is getting them to pick up after themselves. I still find their stuff all over, and it drives me crazy to have to step over it for an hour or so, so I'll put their crud on the table. That feels wrong, because I shouldn't have to touch their stuff at all. Hmmm. Any ideas?
One of the best things to develop from this, is a reward for getting everything done early. We decided that as soon as we have accountability time before dinner, the new day begins. If a guy wants to, say, practice violin, clean his room, and read his scriptures for 20 minutes before bed, he's in the clear for the next day. If a boy comes to me and tells me he's accountable before 4:30, he gets a frozen treat. The other boys look on longingly, and wipe the drool from their chins. Then they get to work. The only way to finish that early though, is to start the night before.
I could tell the concept was sinking in, when we were all doing our Saturday chores. "Why do we have to spend ALL day Saturday working?" whined #3. "Well, we need to get all the deep-cleaning stuff done once a week, and Saturday is the day you're all home" I explained. I could see the wheels turning in his head. Then he suggested, "What if I do a little bit of my chores after school all week. Then could I play on Saturday?". I answered by lifting my arms heavenward and singing "HALLELUJAH!" "I mean, yes, that would be fine."


dots said...

I've met you before, I'm Allison's sis-in-law. So, I've surfed over to your blog in the past-just wanted you to know that I love how your accountability chart has evolved-especially the getting things done early! You amaze me with how you manage your boys...I've got 4 girls...o to be that organized! Anyhow, just had to comment...obviously I usually don't...and also--I loved the Eye, the Ear and the Arm.

EarlGirl said...

Of course I remember you! I love hearing your things are going in your family through Allison's blog. Thanks for commenting. I haven't read the eye the ear and the arm yet, I can't wait to check it out.

Kristin said...

I have got to learn more about this chart! It sounds life-changing! I've struggled for years to come up with a system that will work for our boys, but it'll work for a week and then fizzle! It sounds like you've created something very effective! Can you email me with some specifics?

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

One idea with the clutter, since there is no way for them to know when you've reached your clutter tolerance level, is to have a little bell like Mom's cow bell. When you ring it, the boys have 5 minutes to get all their clutter from the house and put it away. If they do, they get a treat or a quarter or something. If they don't, it can disappear for a week in the bag of doom. Precious things will learn to stay out of sight.

Home of the Muddy Kids said...

Or, if it doesn't work to have it live in the bag of doom for a week, you could sell them the stuff back if they need it earlier! (o:

fivekidsandsomechocolate said...

I agree. There is nothing more dreaded in our house than "maid service"'s expensive.